Sunday, August 23, 2015

Softening the jaw to get the right head position. What does that mean? S...

"What if... you want your horse to keep its head in a certain position.  This is common for those who are competing or riding dressage.  Do you feel like your horse is still locking up or leaning on the reins when you pick up the reins connection?  You are not alone.  This is a mystery that takes some riders years to understand.  Now you can watch what I do with Trudy so she can isolate how Ani is responding to what she is doing with the reins. 

On this day Trudy asked if we could focus on that "rainbow" that happens in a horses neck when they are soft to the bit (rein connection) and on the aids/in front of the aids/round and so on.  Trudy has been watching horses at the dressage shows and now that Ani is more comfortable with that level of connection is ready to ask her to stay balanced between her reins and legs even more.
In this video we are at the halt and you can see how I break everything down for Trudy.  (We have done this in the past, but now Trudy has a different idea about what this really can do)

How does your horse respond to the rein connection?  Are you ready to try this technique on your horse?  Let us know how it works for you.