Monday, August 24, 2015

Are you asking your horse for a headset... or a mindset?

"It's really not a headset.  It's a mind set. The mystery of how to get your horses head in the right place"

Why do we position our horses heads a certain way (or at least try to...) We do this so we can support our horse so that it can stay more "connected" as we balance it between our leg aids and the rein connection"

 How a horse understands this process still amazes me.  Now that Ani is further along in her training Trudy has found that she likes the feeling of Ani staying more connected with her.  On this day Trudy asked me to isolate what she is doing with Ani so that she can keep her more connected with her back up and a "rainbow" in her neck. 

Can you see how Trudy is keeping Ani more connected by working on the Steps to Connection?  Have you tried this on your horse?  We love hearing your feedback so please let us know how this works for you.