Saturday, January 14, 2017

This is Your Replay! Dressage Instructors Webinar #2 Jan 12, 2017

The official replay of the Dressage Instructors Webinar #2.

 In "From the Judges Box" we discussed the importance of instructors knowing how to teach their riders how to ride a straight line and exercises they could use. In "Teaching Techniques" We quickly found ourselves chatting about the importance of asking the right questions to make our lessons more interesting for our riders and as a way for us to determine all the time if they have control of their riding position and of the horse. Finally, in Horse Business #101 we go where many professionals in the horse world are afraid to go. Record Keeping. We share simple ideas that will get you started. Our Hosts were Jodi Lees Dressage and Randi Thompson. Our Moderator was Laura Kelland-May.   

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