Sunday, January 22, 2017

NEW Jumping Instructors Webinar. Wednesday, Jan 25th!

Topics include: "From the Judges Box. It’s all about the Courtesy Circles” The Courtesy Circles are more important than most to the judge than most of the riders who are competing know. How do you teach your riders how to properly ride the courtesy circles for the hunter and equitation rings? What can you do so that your students can show off what they able to do with their horses?
"Teaching Techniques. Communication with Your Students"
It’s all about how we are communicating to our students. Have you heard of the Socratic technique for sharing information? Now you can discover how asking and answering questions will create a “thinking rider.” Asking the right questions will make a difference in everything you are doing to keep your students safe and to take you to the next level as a professional jumping instructor. Wait until you hear what we have to share about why communicating in this manner is so important to what you are doing as a jumping instructor.
"Horse Business 101"
Many horse professionals are now using a Facebook business page to market and promote their horse business. They find it working better for them than their website! Join us as we explore how you can use Facebook and social media can make a difference for how you are promoting and marketing your horse business.
Your Hosts
Paddy Downing-Nyegard is a USEF "R" Judge Hunter/Equitation/Jumpers (25 years). Paddy is well known in the hunter/jumper world where she has judged at shows that include: Devon, Harrisburg National, Palm Beach (Winter Equestrian Festival) Pebble Beach, the Arabian Nationals and more.
Randi Thompson is the founder of Horse and Rider Awareness. Randi has been coaching professionals in the horse world for over 20 years in horse and rider training, business and marketing. Randi is also the founder of How To Market Your Horse Business, Jumping Instructors, and Dressage Instructors . Website:
Laura Kelland-May is a Canadian Sr. Judge (hunter/jumper/equitation/hack) and USEF "R" Judge. Kelland-May says, "There is a lot of information out there for jumping instructors. We’ve developed a series of webinars for jumping instructors that focus on, From the Judges Box, Teaching Techniques and Horse Business #101 tools. It’s a brilliant format because we cover topics that are important to jumping instructors as well as getting into the ever important business concepts to help them grow their business to a new level of success.
Join us in the FREE Jumping Instructors Webinar. We are going to share tips that you will be able to use right away to improve what you are doing in the horse business! Those who would like to invest more in their success can join us for our live Jumper Instructor Bootcamp Spring 2017.
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