Friday, March 4, 2016

Improve your Canter. Serpentine's with collected and counter canter.

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"How to get the rocking horse canter. We all dream of that canter where our horse willingly canters around in balance. Now you can see what happened as Susan asks Beau to stay balanced and relaxed (this is a blast from the past) when they started focusing on a new level of balance and connection"

Wait until you see the changes in Beau! This is the 4th time that Susan had asked Beau to stay in a 2nd level balance for the canter. Beau was still not sure what that meant, but was accepting the changes and even starting to show off a little. We start with Serpentine pattern at the canter/trots and move up in collected canter and counter canter.

Did this Horse and Rider Awareness video give you more ideas on what you can be doing so your horse is more comfortable to ride at the canter?