Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Half Halts at the canter. It's time to connect and balance for 2nd level...

"The canter.  Is your horse responding to your half halts? Watch what happens as Susan asks Beau to stay connected even more at the canter"

In this session Susan practices the half halt as taught by Robert Dover. To do this at the canter she feels when Beau starts to disconnect.  When Susan feels that happen she breaths in deeply.. bringing that breath up her chest and back into her shoulder blades. Susan  finishes that breath by bringing her seat forward, hugging her legs and closing her fingers on the reins.  This entire process takes only 3 seconds. As those of you who know Beau expect... He is not thrilled moving up into the balance he needs for second level. This is a time of great change for Susan and Beau and I am so happy to have caught it on film as most riders never get to see what can happen as a horse is asked to balance and connect at a new level.

Can you see how Beau begins to understand the half halts better?