Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where is your horse locking you out of the connection? The secrets of the trainers

"Is your horse saying, Yes, No... or Maybe when you ask it to respond to your rein contact or legs? Now you can watch a step by step process that you can use on your horse to know if it is responding"

Many riders are not sure when their horse is really listening or in fact, even understanding what they are asking them to do with the aids. In this session Susan is warming up Beau for the first time while asking him to stay soft of the rein contact with his poll up. Next Susan asks Beau to become more active from her leg aids so that he steps up into the rein connection. As a result Susan feels as if the reins become alive. (That is when your horse is stepping into you rein connection)

Is your horse really on the aids? Try this and see. Let us know what you are feeling as it will take you to the next level of connection with your horse