Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to use your riding position for halting, backing and moving forward....

"What are you doing with your riding position when you ask your horse to back, half halt and move forward?  Watch how we isolate what this rider has been doing with her riding position."

We start this session by showing Trudy how to feel what her riding position is doing when she is riding a half halt.  That way she will have a better understanding of how this feeling applies to how she is backing Ani.   Once Trudy has isolated that feeling, we add it to how she is asking Ani to halt, back up and than move forward again.  What is interesting is that you will see Ani's balance and responses improve as Trudy focuses on old habits she needs to change. Watch as Trudy starts exploring the possibilities of what she can do with her riding position.

What did you see changing in how Ani was backing up?  Could you see the difference in how Trudy is now using her riding position?