Sunday, November 15, 2015

Canter. Bending from behind.Retraining a Schoolmaster. S4 Dressage video

"Improving the canter with the "bend from behind" This begins with how you are using your riding position. It's time to focus on more ways to stay connected and in balance at the canter"

It has taken us almost 2 years for Susan to get Darrien to relax and respond to what we are doing. He came to us with a lot of issues and we are slowly unraveling them and rebuilding his knowledge. Finally, Darrien has lost a lot of his "anxiety" about the training process. He is breathing and more relaxed. As a result we can now focus even more on his balance and if he is really "bending" from the front and the back. As part of this process you will see that towards the end of this video that he starts going sideways as he tried to understand what Susan wants. The good news is that this gave us an opportunity to go even "deeper" in the following videos to fill in those missing holes in his training.

Have you noticed that your horse also has learning curves as you go through the training process? How has watching Susan and Darrien's process made a difference for what you are doing?