Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bending from behind. WOW. New movement! Pirouettes/shoulder/half pass ...

"Woot Woot!  Breakthrough session for Susan and Beau! Check out how we are getting the "bend" behind the saddle and how it changes the way Beau is moving. This is part #2 where we move up into the trot"
What happened?  This is when Beau started using his hind quarters and taking longer steps, even in the in the lateral movements. As those who have been following the progress of Susan and Beau know...  Beau has been a complicated horse who came to us with a lot of serious issues.  With Susan's love for him and dedication to the training process he has continued to improve.  Since they are competing in 2nd level dressage they are doing more "lateral work" like the shoulder in, half pass and turn on the haunches (walk pirouette) These lateral exercises have not been easy for Beau to understand and his tendency, before this day, was to lock up at times and take short steps.  First we had to teach him how to be more supple in the front (bending from the front of the saddle and staying soft to the rein connection) than this day, we were finally able to add the bending from behind the saddle which changed his movement. The good news is that we have filmed their training process for the past 4 years so you can see everything Susan has done to get Beau to this level.  You can find them on this Youtube channel in the playlist area.
Are you enjoying watching the training progress of our featured riders?  As you know, we do not edit any of the videos and are showing you actual training sessions where I am coaching as I am trying to film.  It is your feedback that inspires both the riders and myself to continue sharing this information with you.