Saturday, October 15, 2016

Are you a dressage instructor in the horse world? If so... then this Dressage Instructors Webinar is what you have been looking for!

The Dressage Instructors Webinar is designed for riding instructors who want to improve what they are doing as a horse business while coaching riders who are competing in dressage.

Topics include:
"From the Judges Box"
Are you coaching riders who are competing in dressage? Would you like to hear what a judge has to say about what they are seeing? What do you need to know to bring home more blue ribbons and higher scores? How to use the dressage test movements to show your horse best qualities to the judge.
"Teaching Rein Connection"
Contact. What does it really mean and how can you teach it to your students? Watch as Jodi and Randi demonstrate techniques that you can use right away! We will also talk about Double bridles and how they should fit inside the horse's mouth.
"Horse Business 101"
Marketing Your Horse Business with Facebook and social media. How promoting your horse business can be easier than ever!
Your Hosts:
Jodi Jones Lees is a dressage trainer, instructor and USEF "R" licensed Dressage judge. She has been competing for over 35 years and instructing for over 25 years. Jodi is currently waiting for her upgrade to "S" status. Website: Rivers Edge Farms
Randi Thompson is the founder of the International award winning Rider Awareness Educational programs. Randi has been coaching professionals in the horse world for over 20 years in horse and rider training, business and marketing. She has recently produced National and Regional USDF riders that have competed and won through Intermediate 1. Website: Horse and Rider Awareness
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Those who would like to invest more in their success stay tuned! The Dressage Instructor Bootcamp that will be held in spring 2017-Tryon NC area.
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