Friday, June 10, 2016

Canter Trot transitions. Timing of the Riders Aids. Is your horse really connected to you?

"Would you like to improve the way your horse changes its gait from a trot to a canter?  Than it's time to think about the timing of your aids and your Steps to Connection. Watch what Susan does with Beau in this blast from the past"  

In this session Susan is riding the transition from the trot to the canter, and the canter to to the trot.She is focusing on the timing of her rein and leg aids and how Beau is responding to them. Lucky you as you will get to see a horse as it is learning how to re balance at a new level.  This was the 2nd session where we focused on keeping Beau connected at this level" 

Can you see the difference in how Beau is moving as he works through these exercises?