Saturday, May 28, 2016

Warm up trot. The Steps to Connection that you need! S4 Riding instruction

"What would it feel like if you could connect to your horse at the trot in the warm up? Have you ever thought about it? Now you can watch to see what I do with Trudy to help her balance and connect with Ani sooner than in the past"

Once a horse is past the "Green horse" phase we can start asking them to connect and balance sooner during our riding time. Now that Trudy as been able to take Ani to the "next level" she is now asking her to connect sooner from her leg to the rein. This is a big change as before Trudy warmed Ani up on a loose rein (like a green horse) and pretty much allowed her to do any speed she wanted in the warm up phrase. Now you can watch the changes and see how adding connection earlier can make a difference in your riding and training.

What do you do in your warm up? Are you asking your horse to connect in the warm up yet?