Saturday, February 13, 2016

Keeping a horse's back up at the trot. On the aids. Retraining a Schoolmaster

"Sometimes... we all wonder if we will ever get to the next level of connection and balance with our horses. This is normal for many riders. At the time of this filming, Darrien was finally relaxing more (and breathing) we were focusing more on keeping him balanced and connected with his back up and a long neck. Now you can watch what Susan was doing with him during this part of the training process"

It's true. it had taken us almost two years to get Darrien to where he was at the time of this filming. A year ago he was still rooting on the reins (pulling Susan out of the saddle) rearing and running. As you can imagine... he did have some serious behavioral/training issues. You have also seen the process that Susan has been using to retrain him (Darrien is 18 years old) That year, we have switched back to a snaffle bit. Darrien is an FEI dressage horse and they normally wear a double bridle. Little by little he is getting more responsive and at times, even seems to be enjoying himself. smile emoticon
Are you in the process of re training or simply training your horse to be more "on the aids?"  Did you imagine it would take as long as it does? More importantly... how do you feel when your horse started to understand what you wanted? Did you feel your horse trying to connect with you?