Friday, October 16, 2015

"How can I balance the canter? S4 Dressage trainer Tryon NC

"You have probably seen these comments on your dressage test canters. Horse not connected, horse on forehand, haunches in... and so on. Would you like to improve your horse's canter? Watch this video to see what Trudy is doing with Ani. Which tip makes the biggest difference for what you are doing with your horse?

Now you can watch what I do with Trudy as we focus on improving Ani's canter. In this session we focus on keeping Ani connected (on the aids/on the bit/round/in front of the aids/packaged) at the canter" This is level of connection in the canter is still new to Ani and so it is the perfect video for anyone who wants to improve their horses canter. Check out the wonderful changes in Ani's canter than go out and try these techniques on your horse.

Are you ready to try this on your horse? We love to hear your feedback!